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S3AjaxWiki got noticed

So, it looks like a few people have noticed my S3AjaxWiki experiment. From my referrers, I caught a mention on Shelley Powers' Burningbird, Ajaxian, and Memeorandum. I've since caught a few more pointers here and there.

As I poke my head in from time to time, I keep waiting for something to go nastily awry with this wide open public demo - but so far the worst has been a pair of boobs. The best has been people with knee-jerk wiki-instincts kicking in, gardening and fixing pages for me. And so far, the hosting has yet to cost me even a dime, and I don't really expect it to. I'm still just waiting for some script kiddie to some along and 0wn3 my demo, but I'm hoping it doesn't happen because really there's not challenge in it and it'll really just be a minor annoyance for me to reboot the thing.

It seems like it's mostly working, at least from the activity I'm seeing. Not too bad for a weekend's solo development sprint.

Update: I've also been mentioned on the AWS blog, Diggified, and called an über-hacker on Download Squad.