It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

Tweaked the squelch on my outboard brains

I know I've initiated a slew of potential projects since I began playing with the OPML Editor, though I won't be able to do much in depth for a little while. I'm mostly queueing up work for myself after I finish this book, and hoping that a few of these leads get stolen by others with more time on their hands. Think of it as public brainstorming or doodles.

Although, I do worry sometimes that there might be a few people out there who think I'm going off some manic deep end with all this sudden blogging activity. But really, this is the sort of thing that runs through my head a lot of the time, but it tends to evaporate or disappear onto post-its I lose shortly thereafter. It's like quantum mental foam, might amount to vacuum nothing or it might collapse into something material. I don't think that metaphor's quite right - but anyway, it's just been too easy to spew notions into published outline nodes, so I've been going with it. In the meantime, I hope my enthusiasm is entertaining at least.

That said, here's another notion: I wonder how the OPML Editor could be used to help facilitate Structured Blogging?

Archived Comments

  • You're working on another book? About what?

    I enjoy your doodling. It's fun and I always learn something, even if I don't get it all... like why are you doing the OPML community server in PHP?

  • Anne: This second book of mine will be all about del.icio.us. Writing should be done on it by April, and if looks like it's due to hit the shelves in June, just a few days before we go and get married :)

    As for the OPML Community Server in PHP... The OPML Community Server runs as an application on top of the OPML Editor. However, so far, the OPML Editor does not run on Linux. But, PHP does, and PHP supports all the basic technology that the OPML Community Server requires. Not that it's a super easy and quick-to-button-up project, but it's possible at least.