It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

Return of the Bluetooth Ghost

I've mentioned our office's Bluetoothed Ghost before, now I mention him again. He is still here, still unleashing prodigious streams of urine at the bathroom stalls whilst emitting the occasional semi-voluntary grunts and still conducting quite vocal business via a Bluetooth headset. Flushes and the sounds of other restroom visitors abound. How can the people with whom he does business not realize he's doing his business at the same time? And then, how can he bring himself to shake anyone's hand when he just zips up and strides out of the lavatory with nary a handwash. This man is easily in his 50's. I expect he's not new to the world and the customs of our country - he speaks English without accent, which I can hear clearly while I'm quietly occupying my own stall. At any rate, this disturbs me. And now, I hope, it has disturbed you and perhaps amused you. And, if you are a creature such as this man... STOP IT.