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The OPML Editor is Open Source

Dave says: "I'm starting to get a new release of the OPML Editor together, as part of the release I asked Andre Radke to prepare a download for the kernel source. The OPML Editor is an open source app, licensed under the GPL."

I can certainly attest to the fact that the OPML Editor is Open Source, and not vapor or a mirage of any kind. In fact, I'm writing this on version 10.1a6 that I compiled myself with Apple's Xcode from a SourceForge CVS check-out. It's a serious effort to have made it this easy. I didn't have to tweak or coax anything - I just clicked on the Build hammer.

And, to expand on what I said earlier this week: The OPML Editor and Frontier Kernel is an Open Source release of a project with a decade or more of legacy as a commercial product - yet, it still compiles into a useful application and runs without much fuss. That was the big thing that Mozilla missed when it was first released as Open Source. This is exciting stuff and a hard thing to have accomplished, me thinks.