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radioio rocks on the xbox

Radio's dead to me, but I've been putting in a lot of time listening to radioiorock. After awhile, though, the playlist repetitions started to get to me after 4-5 hour stints, so I switched over to radioio80s. Man, does radioio have a single bad station? Every one I've listened to has some really great selections, B-Sides and "deep cuts" you'd never hear on traditional radio, even back in the day. Combine this with a living-room resident Xbox equipped with Xbox Media Center, and you're living a few years into the future.

Archived Comments

  • Saw a comment you left way back in July '05 on Intuitive Systems blog about the future of podcasting. You commented (in part):

    "...You just need to find good people who trudge through the crap and offer decent recommendations..."

    I produce an independent music podcast based on this very concept. We trudge through the mess of indie music out there and showcase the best. That best is based on my opinion, of course. But, like many other things out there, I think it is where our opinions overlap that common ground is found. Basically, if you like what I like, my show is for you.

    Of course, I could pick tunes you like, but not have good production values and delivery... then you'll look elsewhere for someone else who "overlaps" with you.

    If you'd like to check out my weekly show at skypiecesradio.com, I invite your comments. Feel free to email. Thanks!

  • I agree about the overlapping somewhat. While it's needed, niche programming (not just genra, but "vibe") is also needed. Balance.

    Thanks for the kind words Les. :)

  • jesse: Certainly don't take my comment on repeats as negative - I'd've only gone about 30 minutes with normal radio. I think this is just because we've been firing up radioio on an almost nightly basis on the same station for the last few weeks, so it's inevitable that I'd start hearing some patterns. :)