It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

Morning Oatmeal Notes

Here's an attempt to copy outline nodes from Blog A into Blog B:

 <span>Bah. I can't remember the URL to a more official description of the problem - <a href="http://saladwithsteve.com/osx/2004/07/incessant-popping-noise-few-days-ago.html">this one's pretty close</a> - but my 12" PowerBook G4 has this audio flaw where, at times, it gets confused about whether or not there are headphones plugged in.  And so it will make a series of popping noises as it alternates repeatedly between speakers and headphones.  So strange.  If you load up the sound preferences in System Preferences, you can actually watch it display the changes in status as it pops.</span>
 <span>It looks like blog comment tracking services are <a href="http://mycomments.idslab.com.ar/en/">the</a> <a href="http://co.mments.com">next</a> <a href="http://extractor.47objects.com/">big</a> <a href="http://www.cocomment.com">thing</a>.  Damn, I wish I'd gotten off my butt and written that GreaseMonkey comment tracking hack I've had in my head for well over a year now.  I suppose it's not too late, but if any of these services get good, I'll just have to resign to using them.  I really am so lazy.</span>
 <span>I'm still using this OPML blog as a rapid buffer for mental dross.  It seems to be working out fine so far, as long as I eventually build an automated linkage back to <a href="http://decafbad.com">decafbad.com</a>.  This blog can be treated as a service, like <a href="http://del.icio.us/deusx">del.icio.us</a>, but I still want to round up all my output streams back at my home base.</span>

Archived Comments

  • I'm sure you're well aware (since you bookmarked my post on the subject), but I support the Greasemonkey thing whole-heartedly. :-D

    Seriously, a repository of your comments on your own blog that you control and can supply feeds for is just so much better than having it controlled by a 3rd party.

  • Bob: I can totally see comment tracking being an add-on for WordPress, or an easy-to-install PHP app at the least. Hoping in another month or two, I might get down to some of those items on my Might Do list, after the book. Of course by then, someone else will hopefully have been enterprising enough to have already done it. :)

  • Wouldn't surprise me, though I'd love to have your input.

  • My thought on the LazyWeb™…what if everybody waits for something to be built, but no one bothers to actually build it?

    And if you do go ahead and get that GreaseMonkey comment tracking thing working, why would you give it up to use one someone else wrote? (even though there's WordPress or Moveable Type, I still use the blogging software I wrote).

  • Sean: Personally, I'm willing to give up all kinds of stuff I wrote if someone else is keeping their stuff maintained. I was using a slew of my own mods to Blosxom for my blog at one point, but have since switched to Movable Type and WordPress and will probably switch again in the future.

    But then, I'm weird. You might be using "you" in the general sense.

    Good point about the too-LazyWeb, though :)