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Further work on decafbadNewsRiver

So, when I need breaks from the book, I've been poking around at NewsRiver customizations in decafbadNewsRiver.root for "fun" programming. You can check out the Release Notes I have so far, but here are a few highlights:

  • News items can be filtered by Reading List, and a "Further Reading" list of links to view by filter are displayed at the end of the page after all the news.
  • I've split just about all the HTML out of the news rendering code into separate templates, for the start of a switchable theme system. These themes can be somewhat self-contained, allowing you to make extensive changes to how the news items are presented, without needing to dig into the core suite of code.
  • I stole preferences code from NewsRiver itself to facilitate selecting a theme. It's actually quite slick and nice to work with.
  • The first theme is based on the aggregator UI I've been working on since my AmphetaOutlines days, running up through my miniagg implementation. Check out a screenshot of miniagg - that's pretty much how decafbadNewsRiver looks right now.

Lots and lots of bugs, miles and miles away from any sort of release I want to make, but it's been neat poking at this UserTalk stuff again, even with the usual creaks and ancient lizard brain corners I've run into. I daresay that, while UserTalk and the whole stack isn't as nice to me as Python, it's quite a bit more satisfying than PHP.

Archived Comments

  • thanks much for working on this more. i prefer to use your tool for reading news and these latest improvements sound appetizing.

  • Thanks for your suggestion on my Wordpress blog, Les.

    I just downloaded and installed decafbadNewsRiver. I can't seem to figure out how to filter feeds though. I can expand or collapse feed, but nothing shows up under Further Reading. Am I doing something wrong?

    I do have the API enabled--now I see the Delete All button.

  • Figured it out!

    "filtered by Reading List"

    It helps if you're subscribed to more than one reading list. :-)