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Use del.icio.us to build & share Reading Lists?

As far as I know, the most popular link managment tool is del.icio.us, a tool I love for its power and simplicity. del.icio.us allow you to export all your links in RSS which is cool. So, I wrote a quick and dirty PHP script that converts this RSS export to an OPML list (see at the end of this post).

Source: vrypan|net|log » del.icio.us as feed manager

I haven't had much chance to dig into Dave Winer's new newsRiver tool for the OPML Editor, but I've at least installed it and nodded at it. It's not much more than the aggregator I used to use in Radio—but the big difference is the promise of fresh new development.

And yeah, I know, I groused about OPML versus XOXO not more than a few months ago. But, although I still would prefer cool things being done in XOXO, Reading Lists (in OPML) would appear to be one way to get the stratified River of News that I'm looking for. That is, a Reading List can be a news strata in an aggregator.

But, beyond my prioritized folders in NetNewsWire, a Reading List in OPML can be serialized and shared and subscribed. Yeah, aggregators can already import and export OPML subscription lists—but I've never seen this feature automated by subscription until now. This is the difference between an MP3 download and a podcast.

And, if you check out the above-quoted blog post, these could even be collaboratively maintained by way of del.icio.us and a simple RSS-to-OPML gateway service. I've got to say, this could be one of the niftiest bits of mojo to hit syndication and aggregation tech in awhile.