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Google ad madness

Wow. Can you identify the actual content on this blog entry? I count plenty of ads, but it took me a minutes to see the short bit of original content there. No slight intended to the particular author there, since it's something I'm seeing more and more. But, man. Last time I had Google ads on my site, I thought the rules were just one ad block per page. Yeesh.

Archived Comments

  • Looks just fine, because I use Adblock to keep Google ads out of my Firefox (it can block js scripts by URL).

  • That's just terrible. Who would read that? I'd want to have a very compelling reason to stick around on a site like that. That density of ads is just plain rude. I've noticed a similar overload on the Rumbling Edge, the Thunderbird bugs blog. On my setup the content of any page on that blog is pushed under the fold by the ads.

  • Looks fine to me as well:

    $ grep -i google /etc/hosts         pagead2.googlesyndication.com
  • Heh, okay okay, physician heal thyself and all that... I finally installed Adblock on Firefox and tweaked my hosts file just in case I happen to switch back to Safari.

  • Google's TOS allows no more than one of each type of ad on a page. I'm not sure if they limit the total number, but they might ought to.

  • Yeah.. it's just been ad creep. I need to update the templates...

    I didn't realize how bad it had gotten :)

    Thanks for the feedback!


  • Kevin: Yeah, no offense man... after looking at a few more posts on your site, I realize it doesn't look as bad for longer posts. I think with that template, for a shorter one-off thought, it hit me in the face with "ADS ADS ADS" :)

  • Allowed are 3 normal ads and 2 link ads - so you can put 5 ads on every page.

    But of course it looks really terrible if you do so...