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Hacking del.icio.us is a real book!

Hacking Del.icio.us (ExtremeTech)
Leslie M. Orchard
ISBN: 0-470-03785-7
400 pages
June 2006

Source: Wiley::Hacking Del.icio.us (ExtremeTech)

It took me awhile to say much at all about my first book. I was so excited to have been given the opportunity that I didn't want to jinx it with a stray mouth-aimed foot. But, it looks like there's already a page over at Wiley for this second book of mine and I've already gotten a few questions about it.

So, yeah, it looks like I'm back to work on a book again—slaving away at my basement desk over a hot Microsoft Word document. It's a hard life, being asked to do what I've always wanted to do. (Of course, now my problem is making sure I manage to do it all on time!)

One interesting thing about the projected release date for the book, though, is that the girl and I will likely be just getting married or off enjoying our honeymoon when it hits the shelves...

Archived Comments

  • Congrats on the second book. I'm still going through the first.

    Curiously, it's suprising that the book won't be published until June 2006. That seems a long way off for a web-technology book. Especially considering del.icio.us was just purchased by Yahoo! and things may possibly change in the future.

    Why doesn't Wiley go the route of Pragmatic Programmer's and release PDF forms of the books quicker?

  • Congratulations on both book and wedding (random order, but I guess wedding should come first. But again, it depends on your priorities ;) ).

  • Congratulations! It's on my booklist to read as soon as it comes out.

  • Not to be a naysayer, but aren't you concerned that this book might be obsolete a few months after hitting the shelves, like happened with "Creating Applications with Mozilla" http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/mozilla/ ?

  • sounds like you need a chapter on modelling a wiki namespace as a delicious tag-set.


  • Bought your book (you're welcome) and trying to figure out what the v=# parameter in del.icio.us urls does. You can take it out and things still work. You can put in other numbers (5 or 9) and it still works. You can put in random words (mambo) and it still works. Perhaps it's just tracking which version of a bookmarklet people are using. Couldn't find documentation on del.icio.us web site.