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Feedrolls in XOXO from OPML via XSLT and URL-line Magic

I haven't really gotten around to making that blogroll I was promising. But, for the hell of it, I tried cleaning up an OPML export from my aggregator to remove my private feeds and for-pay feeds—which, incidentally and unfortunately were some of my most interesting feeds.

But, that said, here's my feedroll. It's the result of some more URL-line magic:

If I were less lazy, I'd've included some unobtrusive JavaScript to give this thing expand/collapse handles. And, I'd also like to work on making it less of a cluttered and raw mess. So, it's not quite yet what I'd like to share as a proper blogroll.

But, for what it's worth, view source on that feedroll. I came up with a tentative "hBlogroll" microformat for it, based on XOXO and some OPML semantics. I haven't written the code for it yet, but I imagine that this should be pretty easily parsed.

Archived Comments

  • It's being served with Content-Type: application/xml and an <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> heading.

    If you make doctype header that should persuade firefox and safari to show it as html.

  • @Kevin: D'oh. It's the little things I always forget. That, and the big things. Thanks for the reminder!