It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

Those who brew with no master

“There are worlds,” the ronin said. “Worlds far out in the edge of the sky, whose distance from the Earth curses them. They receive no beans from the home world, so distant are they, so far, and their lives are that much darker. Every night I write a prayer for them, and burn it with my best beans in the hope that the aroma will reach them.”

Source: 365 tomorrows » The Bitter Kiss Of The Ronin’s Cup

Read this, now! Just about everything else they post at 365 Tomorrows makes me want to get off my ass, write, and finish up the half dozen or so stories I've got brewing.

But, the Ronin Barrista in this one, if he were illustrated, could easily become this site's mascot. I'm picturing something with shades of Samurai Champloo...