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West of House

The next documentary I am working on is about Text Adventures, or Interactive Fiction. It is called "Get Lamp".

Source: ASCII by Jason Scott: There is a Shiny Brass Lamp nearby

Sweet merciful crap! Man, aren't I smack-dab in the middle of Jason Scott's target demographic? I snatched up his BBS Documentary with the quickness, but I got my initiation into Zork a very long time before I ever heard the dulcet tones of my first 300 baud modem.

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  • Hehe. I was a Zork addict. Still have a copy on my Powerbook... My /. sig is:

    It is pitch dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

  • I think I spent some short period as a little kid actually wondering whether or not there were grues in dark rooms. :)

  • I'm going to have to pick that one up.. How is the BBS DVD? I might have to grab it, as I was known to visit a BBS or two in my past..

  • I need more than 1.5 films to have a target demographic, Les!

  • @Jason: Pssh... Years from now, when you've released your 10th documentary, your master plan will be clear for all to plainly see!

  • @Nick: Oh, and the BBS Documentary very much rocks. You should definitely pick it up. I've got it, of course, and could lend it should we ever get together for that beer. :)

  • Zork! I grew up on the BBS, learned so much about ignoring my family there! I'll be picking up the BBS Documentary... I just wish I could fire up QModem and hit the boards still...