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Minding the Planet: The Spherical Desktop

I've been thinking a bit about how the GUI for computer desktops could be improved so that it is possible to have more information available without cluttering the screen with windows and folders etc.

Source: Minding the Planet: The Spherical Desktop

I'm guessing Nova's never seen Sphere XP, which is a nifty but not quite useful spherical desktop manager for Windows. Although, where Nova's talking about being outside the sphere and dealing with the surface, Sphere XP is about living inside the sphere and spinning around near the center.

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  • I'm highly partial to my "cubic" desktop manager - the unimaginatively named "Desktop Manager" for OS X. Set the switch transition to cube, and now you have all the desktop space you could possibly want on a "cube."

    But I'm guessing most of us are already aware of its existence, since it tends to be among the very first programs placed upon the disk of any new Powerbook.