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Threshold, the sci-fi with 5 blades?

I'm starting to get into CBS' Threshold tonight, having gotten 4 episodes of it. Seems like network TV goes through sci-fi cycles, and this must be the latest. This particular show looks like it might shape up to be combination sci-fi slasher and forensic drama. But, still, I find myself comparing it to a podcast.

Also, what's up with "triple-helix DNA"? Is this a concept that's popped up somewhere—other than being an early guess at our own DNA's structure—like, on UFO conspiracy boards and whatnot? Or is it just double-helix-plus-one so as to be extra spooky alien? (Kinda like a 5-bladed razor?)

Double helix DNA, I think I understand: It's very convenient in copying. Unzip it, dunk it in a soup of free-floating spare parts, agitate, and you end up with two self-assembled copies. But how the hell would a triple-helix work?

On the upside, I do really like the Blit-like concept involved in the "bioforming sound signal" which mentally and genetically alters those who hear it.

Yeah, I think about this crap too much sometimes. Whenever I get around to writing the stories I keep meaning to write, I want to avoid these things.

Archived Comments

  • In a particularly bad episode of "Walker: Texas Ranger", Chuck Norris had to do battle to the death with a genetically-enhanced thug who had triple-helix DNA. He was all bullet-proof and big and stuff, so Chuck tossed him out a window into like a pile of welding tanks and then he blew him up! Or something like that. I wasn't paying attention.

    Then Walker went back to kicking normal unenhanced thugs in the head like usual.

  • That almost sounds like Walker had Real Ultimate Power, though last I knew, he wasn't a Ninja.