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Toolbars and Java, Happy Meals and Lego

Google took a big step toward challenging Microsoft's dominance in computer word-processing and spreadsheets with the announcement Tuesday that it would distribute Java technology from Sun Microsystems.

Source: Wired News: A Challenge to MS Office

Errr... How does that follow? Just because a Happy Meal comes bundled with LEGO Bricks doesn't mean McDonalds is challenging the housing construction industry.

And, since when was OpenOffice based on Java? Last I heard, WordPerfect for Java was doomed back in 1997. I thought NeoOfficeJ was based in Java, but not OpenOffice.

(Update: It's Lego, not Legos. Also: LEGO Gets Pissy About Brand Name)

Archived Comments

  • Actually there was quite a hooplah about the parts of OpenOffice that are now written in Java (and require JRE). The licensing has caused some concern with some distros. I'm not sure what all came out of it but the article I read is below. I wouldn't say it's "based on java" but parts are heading there.


  • Arrrghh! It';s Lego, not legos!

  • Heh, I think I'd just read a "Letter to the Editor" piece in an Xbox magazine from someone at the Lego company with a laundry list of points where they'd abused the Lego brand like I did—i.e. Lego is plural; Lego must be followed by a trademark symbol; LEGO must be in caps... I forget all the stipulations.