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Intelligent Design and the cessation of naming of things

I can't wait until the day that right-wing fundie whackos and their Intelligent Design shills fade back into the woodwork. Maybe it'll take putting another man on the Moon to make the role "rocket scientist" a non-ironic hero again.

In the meantime, although I'm no religious scholar and will resort to sheer snark during debate, here's my angry answer to ID proponents:

When did God tell you to give up your mind and stop naming things? Intelligent Design is "utterly boring" and doesn't help you at all to fulfill one of the first and most basic of mandates in the Bible. Given this, how can ID be anything but poison?

Update: Dahlia Lithwick at Slate says it all in "Mind the Gaps - Intelligent design as an answer to all life's great conundrums"

ID says we shouldn't bother ourselves with resolving scientific inconsistencies or untangling puzzles. We should recognize that what God really wants is for us just to stop learning.

Update 2: Also, because I thought it was so apropos:

And He’s not going to create a Universe based on rational laws, then not want us to practice our rationality.

Source: The Fishbowl: Intelligent Design and Me

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  • Have a look at http://talkorigins.net/ it has all sorts of interesting refutations of intelligent design. It is a great place to point people who believe it to.

    Also if you Google about, you can find Pope John Paul's encyclical on evolutions, which says it isn't inconsistent with Christianity.