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Making the Xbox maker friendly

If you're a tinkerer and you've never checked out the XboxMediaCenter, you really owe it to yourself to do so—there's just so much potential in this project. Did you know that it comes with a Python interpreter, and that there's a scripting community building really cool living room apps for it? Did you know that it bundles the GoAhead webserver along with Spyce Python Server Pages?

I'd never heard of GoAhead's tiny webserver before, but Spyce looks interesting. Overall, XBMC is surprisingly polished for an "amateur" effort, and it's certainly more maker friendly than anything else in our living room besides our laptops.

Archived Comments

  • Wow, I had no idea all this was going on. I setup my XBox, XBMC (and ol' XBMP), and Xebian about 2 years ago and never really kept up. It was a huge effort at the time to get it going, and I just counted my lucky stars.

    However, all this progress really makes me want to go back and start mucking with it again. Hrm - view my home automation & home intranet from my XBox. View MythTV from within XBMC? Sounds very yummy.