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Let there be no Serenity 1701B

I'm not really sure why this was one of my first thoughts of the day, but here it is: I'm looking forward to finally seeing Serenity, but after listening to the annoyingly spoiler-bleep-happy Slice of SciFi #024 it occurred to me that I really hope they don't blow up the ship in the grand tradition of Star Trek movies. I doubt that they will, but the temptation is always there to do something shocking on the big screen versus the TV screen.

Archived Comments

  • C'mon... I know you're itching to see eccentric Wash shout "Ramming Speed!" and/or to see Book uncharacteristically use the expletive "shit" as the ship plummets to the surface of one of the border planets.
  • Yeah, I'm itching for that about as much as when I heard Jayne's supposed to get that clever-chip fused to his positronic matrix and he starts solving Sudoku puzzles.