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Comment Tweaks

I've just installed both this AJAX Comment Preview plugin, as well as an update to PHP Markdown. So, let me know how things are working if and when you decide to leave a comment!

Archived Comments

  • Testing, testing... is this thing on?

  • The preview showed this:

    Pete Prodoehl09.26.2005 @ 13:56

    Besides a space missing between the name and date/time, the time seems off by 4 hours...

  • Testing, testing… is this thing on?

    Trying this as well...

    Right, the preview works well. Now let's see if it actually submits.

  • Ah, okay---this worked. The comment I submitted on the other entry didn't show up, although apparently it posted. (When I tried to re-submit the comment, WordPress huffed about duplicate comments.)

    Hmm, something strange in this entry: the link title ([link text](uri:somewhere "link title")) only shows up as "Good or Evil?", although I put "Templates: Good or Evil?" in there.