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Another glowing review of Hacking RSS and Atom

Hey, look! It's another glowing review of my book, this time from Thomas Duff's "Duffbert's Random Musings":

Excellent idea and application book... If you're interested in going beyond simple feed readers and building stuff for yourself, this is a definite purchase you want to check out...

Thanks Thomas! It's really cool to start seeing feedback on this thing, and it's interesting when comments match up with thing about which I had a few concerns when writing the book—such as doing all the code in Python versus, say, PHP.

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  • I was browsing through my local Barnes & Noble in downtown Seattle when I ran across this book and thought, 'it's about time.' And then, 'hmm, I knew a Les Orchard when he was at Magnet Detroit.' Sure enough it was you.

    Great book, well written. The scope of the content is perfect. Take care.

    • Eric Weaver (former Detroiter, former Wundermaner, friend of Pauler Schweizerer... who can't seem to get Safari to post a comment on your blog)