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SciFi and truncated opening credits

Using the net to catch up on episodes of scifi shows I happened to miss the night before has some interesting results: For instance, I really dislike the new "truncated" opening credits that the SciFi Channel here in the US has been using for all its Friday night shows. But, I just started watching a Stargate Atlantis episode from Canada which presents a full-length credit sequence. I like it much better.

Archived Comments

  • I don't have a link, but reps from Sci-Fi have stated that practically nobody has liked the truncated titles and that the full themes will be back in January.
  • Agreed. The Stargate Atlantis opening is particularly dreadful this time around. I really liked the drumbeat-and-preview built in to the front of all of the episodes of BSG season one, however their use of the quintessence of all SciFi for the second season opening (the wailing woman) just doesn't quite live up to the first season openings.