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Aeria Gloris

So here's where a review class of posts would come in handy, because I've really been digging on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The opening theme, "Inner Universe", really snares me in and the post-human story-lines have been great. And I just recently realized that Yoko Kanno did the music for the show--which has all been brilliant, just like what she did for Cowboy Bebop.

Archived Comments

  • Yoko Kanno's work is fantastic. I didn't realize that she composed the soundtrack to Stand alone Complex. Thanks for the tip!
  • That series is quite addictive. My doctoral advisor is Bulgarian and speaks Russian fluently. I had her do her own translation of the Russian bits of the lyrics. It was close to the subtitled copies I've seen, but there are some puns in there, apparently. Ahhh, Yoko Kanno. Such genius.
  • Even better... the sound track is available from Amazon as well as other fine retailers...
  • if i had the rest of the series i would probably watch them every day 24/7 for the rest of my long life