It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

Briefly, briefly

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  • had the same thought. http://laughingmeme.org/archives/002827.html
  • 1) Huh? 2) It sounds a bit fad-ish to me. Let's see how much people will care in a few months. 3) It's just you :) For now, at least...
  • Yahoo is getting more interesting. I recently added the Yahoo searchplugin to my Firefox install and found myself frequently referring to both engines. It does image search much better than Google. I used to be a Google groupie; nowadays I don't like them much less but I'm relieved that someone's around to keep them honest. Yahoo may never beat Google, but they're quite interesting in their own right. They certainly seem a lot more transparent than the tightlipped titan.