It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

Shallow thoughts of the day

  • Maybe if I put this coffee from the office pot into this Starbucks cup, I can fool myself that it's suitable for drinking.

  • I hate that there's no "logout" button for HTTP authentication that works on all browsers.

  • Microsoft's .NET ain't all that bad. Sooner or later I should do some personal tinkering with it, versus just random tasks at work.

  • I wish the iTunes plugin for Quicksilver indexed into my connected iPod, where my music really resides. I'd like to twitch-select songs when they come to mind.

  • I wish my Treo 600 had Quicksilver, though McPhling ain't half bad.

  • You know, it's a treat when I wander into someone else's code to make modifications and discover that it's all been laid out in a nice and orderly fashion. And it's nice when the right things are loosely coupled in a way that it's a 5 minute job to switch a web service from using a database and stored procedures to using a collection of XML via HTTP. And then, it's a beautiful thing to start managing that collection of XML with CVS and an automated build system, versus whatever hellish means our DBAs used to manage the same content beforehand.

  • Office coffee in a Starbucks cup does not make it into Starbucks coffee.

  • Damn, Marshall Rose of the Radio Free RFC podcast can be downright ruthless when laying down the deadpan nerd zingers.

  • One of many odd things about me: Throughout junior and senior High School, I spent a great deal of time trying to perfect my impression of the Software Automatic Mouth for the Commodore 64 and Apple II, in which today's Mac OS X speech has its roots.

  • Looks like I've found a reliably reproduced bug in Safari that's pretty annoying: Use a popup window bookmarklet to post a link to del.icio.us. Tab down to the extended field. Realize you need to edit the title. Shift-tab and-- BOOM.

Archived Comments

  • Wow, you're so posty all the sudden!
  • Yeah... I'm trying something different, keeping an Ecto window open all day and just spewing random thoughts into it. Hopefully it doesn't get annoying, but I wanted to try to break the silence around here :)
  • I found that bug in Safari too. However, it seems to be fixed in newer builds. Check to make sure yo have the latest version installed through Software Updater. I'm running 125, I think.