It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

Faster than a speeding bullet point

  • Morning is not my friend--and I have struggled with this for so long that I have become all but convinced that I'm part of an evolutionary branch of humanity who stayed up late and kept the fire going while the day shift slept. Sometimes I think I should try making a career out of doing long-distance freelance work for another time zone whose morning starts several hours later than my own.

  • I knew that my iPod had a Notes menu fed from the Notes folder, but I didn't know that it did inter-note hyperlinks. This rocks my book-authoring socks.

  • The lack of a decent Python interpreter for PalmOS is making me want to learn Lisp again.

  • Taking screenshots of an iPod sucks. This does not rock my book-authoring socks.

  • Have I mentioned lately that I hate, hate, hate character encoding issues on the web? Mmm, ISO-8859-1 characters pasted into a file claiming to be UTF-8...

  • MJD's Higher Order Perl is out! And I also just noticed Randal's Perls of Wisdom Man, it's been a long, long time since I was last excited by Perl--and I used to live in it.

Archived Comments

  • Back in my college days I had at least one semester where my classes ran from Noon to 9 PM, then I'd stay up until AM and wake up around 10 AM... That was the best schedule I ever had... And as for character encoding issues, yeah, I hear ya, try dealing with 5 years of 'badly formed content' in files on disk, in a Microsoft SQL database, and from an old HP that's still running. Nightmare, truly a nightmare.
  • Which time zone are you in? If it's PST, try doing consulting for New Zealand or Australian companies. The exchange rate isn't good for you, so you'll need to charge a LOT to make decent money, but you'll be able to sleep in ... Alternatively, pretend you're in New Zealand, and work for American companies remotely!
  • The lack of a decent python is why my last PDA upgrade was to an (otherwise disappointing) wince ipaq (which will probably get repurposed as a linux box now that I have a Symbian phone with Amaretto and have actually written PDA-class apps with it...)
  • Have you seen Pugs yet? It's the first Perl6 implementation, written in Haskell, and intended to work out the kinks in the specs for the later real Parrot-based implementation. But it's evolving jaw-droppingly fast. Autrijus started on it a month ago, then the project started picking up members two weeks ago, and it already implements a substantial subset of Perl6. It's like all those years of waiting have culminated in an implementational flashbang.
  • Hmm, my link was stripped. That would be http://pugscode.org to get the scoop.