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Are PowerBook hard drives supposed to sound like Amiga floppy drives?

Ugh. PowerBook hard drive is going click... click... click... click... and all the while, the system is frozen. I think I may have accidentally banged the left corner of the thing one too many times. Had this happen once before with my old iBook, but thanks to AppleCare I got a brand new (and 5 GB larger) hard drive gratis. This time, I seem to remember having purchased AppleCare (I'm too anally cautious not to), but local Apple Store drones didn't seem to find this serial number in the database and I might just have forgotten to send in a registration card at some point. Ugh. Hoping I can find some proof, somewhere in my basement boxes that proves I shelled out for the protection racket.

Otherwise, maybe I'll be using this as an excuse to get a new 15“ PowerBook, probably just in time to miss new models being released a week later. Of course, I could probably just buy a new hard drive and self-install, which would be much cheaper and much less fun.

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