It's all spinning wheels and self-doubt until the first pot of coffee.

This infovore leaves vapor trails

I've (not so) secretly replaced my aggregatorData.prefs.appSignatureUrl in Radio UserLand with this URL. Let's see if anyone notices. Watch your referrer logs for visits from my invisible (s)elves.

/me pops in his Vapor Trails CD, whistling...


Archived Comments

  • Just saw a hit on pycs.net: /users/0105568/rss.xml - 63 hits ref: http://frontier.userland.com/xmlAggregator - 37 hits ref: - - 13 hits [snip] ref: http://www.decafbad.com/thanks-for-feeding-me.phtml - 1 hits I've seen a few polls from updated copies of Radio too; however your referrer is particularly nice in that it lets me click on it and get to a relevant page rather than the help file for Radio's aggregator. Very nice.