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RSS autodiscovery via the HTML LINK element

Matt Griffith suggests using an HTML link element as a way to provide robots and news aggregators with means to find a site's RSS feed. Mark Pilgrim chimes in with a few thoughts and an improvement. And then, I see the buzz coming from Jenny Levine too.

So, well, it's easy enough. I just joined the bandwagon too.


Archived Comments

  • Not quite easy enough, though: your feed doesn't seem to be in /xml/newslog.xml like your link tag claims. Bad LM. No biscuit for you.
  • D'oht! I am biscuit-deprived. Good catch, should be fixed now. :)
  • Of course, the other thing I'm wondering... I did have the link on my story pages, but took it off since technically the RSS feed isn't an alternate view for *that* page. I wonder if it matters so much, and if I should put it back there for convenience?